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Manliness is socially constructed.

The name Man Made is meant to demonstrate that the idea of manliness is socially constructed, and normalized through our society (i.e. media, pornography, pop culture, power dynamics, education, culture). Man Made aims to inform youth age 14-17 about how these identities are socially constructed through the above mentioned ways of normalizing masculinity and male sexuality. The program will facilitate discussions around consent, healthy relationships, power and identity, media influence and education, among other topics. The program itself will be based on circle style shared learning, where youth are encouraged to discuss and reflect on what masculinity means to them, and how accepting diversity and inclusion into their thinking can be empowering, and contribute to ending sexualized violence.

Often triangles are used to symbolize both males and females. The inverted triangle is a symbol for the female goddess. The number three is the number of fertile sexual union; one and two, male and female, joined together to form a third. The triangles can also be placed in opposite directions to symbolize the union of male and female, which is also the union of spiritual/physical in the esoteric traditions. The inverted triangle represents the womb of a female, while the male upright triangle represents the erected phallus.


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